fuj gosenica triple

                                                                    Photo: Rada Kikelj Drašler


                                                                       Ugh, it is a caterpillar!



Out from a little egg a little caterpillar hatches. She is getting bigger and fatter, and she is not too happy with herself. What  happens to her before she grows up?

The play has been  inspered by Eric Carle's children book Very hungry caterpillar.


 Producer: KUD Žebelj, Theatre Lalanit- Society of puppet makers

Concept of dolls and scenography, directing by Iuna Ornik
Technology, set and puppet production by Maja Peterlin
Music by Elvis Berljak

Performed by Iuna Ornik and Elvis Berljak

premeire:27.12.2017 Culture hall Zagradec

Length: 35 minutes

Ages 2+

fuj gosenica 006


                                                      PHOTO: Rada Kikelj Drašler 


                                        Iuna Ornik 

                          the Moon- LUNA    

                    Dramatic and shadow's performance   



Coproduction of Ptuj city Theatre and Lalanit Theatre- DLU

Opening night: 15.11.2016 at Ptuj city theatre (MGP)

Dramatisation by Romana Ercegović

Artistic image, scenography and directing by Barbara Bulatović

Music by Andraž Polič

Songwriting by Romana Ercegović and Jonas Žabkar

Technology and set and pupppet production by Alenka Pirjevec and Barbara Bulatović

Costumes production by Maja Peterlin

Set production by Janez Kocman

Editoring by Ana Marija Lednik

Photo by Rada Kikelj Drašler

Performing by Alenka Pirjevec, Iuna Ornik, Jonas Žabkar

voice of the woody nymph: Barbara Bulatović

Lenght :45'

A tale about a blind young girl from a mistical time with a very special gift: the magical power to heal and strenghten all leaving creatures with the energy in her hands. In return for her services, she asks her varied patietnts to tell her all about the Sun, which she is unable to see and understand with her eyes, but holds in her heart very dearly. As she grows into a fine young woman she is unable to be moved by any suitor, her love for the Sun and it's power eclipsing any love offered to her.

The youthful Sun is much moved by young woman's pure love and yearns to be closer to her, but cannot as she is terrestrially bound and he is a creature of the heavens.

A great and formidabably powerful witch hears about the pair's earnest love and sends a woody nymph to bring the young woman to her, to see what can be done obut their union...

An evocatively aesthetic and cathartic performance, this story speaks of the power of the pure heart, and of overcoming conventional limitations via heartfelt magic.

Luna is a tale for people of all ages and walks of life.



Premiere photographies by Boris B. Voglar



THE  CIRCUS  OF   REUSE-  Broken heroes


The reason for the show was a social experiment by Miša Gams who has been performing on streets of Ljubljana and Kamnik by cleaning shoes- She points out the outbreak of precarious forms of work, which are now all too common in culture and art.

This puts Slovenia at the top of this kind of exploatation in Europa.

A shoe cleaner listens to garbage objects and people exiting on the fringe of society.

Theatre performance with puppets- The CIRCUS OF REUSE- Broken heroes shows us in a humorous way,how we can create an utopia today; with small miracles, symbolic resistance, reusing everyday trash and with unexpected actions, which drive our solidarity and everyday trust.

Production: Lalanit Theatre

Creators and performers (artistic team):Jonas Žabkar, Iuna Ornik, Miša Gams, Elvis Berljak

Genre :Drama with puppets

Opening night: 29.10. 2015: ŠKUC Gallery Ljubljana

Duration: 60 min.

Age: 3+to 99

The performance was co-financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia

Cirkus Ponovne Uporabe TRIPLE

Photo: Rada Kikelj Drašler


                                                    Nina in Wonderland

                                                               Ela Peroci

                             Dramatic puppet performance for the smallest children



Co-production : Lalanit Theater and KRICE KRACE KRANJ

Opening night:07.11.2014  OKC Krice Krace Kranj

Idea and performance: Iuna Ornik, Elvis Berljak


Age: 2+ 

Once upon a time there lived a tiny little girl, whose name was

Nina. She was so tiny, that she couldn't sit down on chair by

herself, so tiny, that she couldn't  drink milk out of the cup by

herself, so tiny that she couldn't climb up and down the stairs

by herself...until a big white goose picked her up and took her to

the wonderland...

 nina wonderland 9

Foto: Bojan Pretnar



Someone always loves you

Romana Ercegović

 Dramatic puppet performance for children


Co-production of Ptuj City Theatre, Travelling House Children's Theatre and Lalanit Theatre

Directed and performed by: Iuna Ornik and Romana Ercegović
Scenography and basic puppet concept: Iuna Ornik
Technology and set and puppet production: Maja Peterlin

Music accompaniment: Tim Zupančič

Vocal: Branka Božič

Editor: Marija Svetelšek

Lightning and sound : Danijel Vogrinec

Grafic design: Darko Ferlinc

Photo: Aleksandra Jelušič

The production Someone Always Loves You (Vedno te ima nekdo rad) talks about the pressure on a child in the face of harsh parental criticism and how they can recover their faith in themselves and gain a positive self-image. The main protagonists are a little mouse and a dwarf. The story begins in a magical kingdom, where happiness and song reign – dwarves, fairies and magical creatures help one another, while their most important task is to take care of the magical fountain that fills the hearts of all creatures and people with the water of happiness. At one point, they realise that the mechanism they are looking after is not working as it should: flowers begin to wither, trees begin to dry out... Fear sweeps over the kingdom. They soon find out that the cause of these problems lies in the heart of a little mouse that is no longer happy, but it is starting to freeze....
The performance is a thoughtful miniature puppet theatre performance, enriched with elements of music and dance. Its subtle fairytale flavour, concern for fellow creatures and colourful playfulness are the qualities that pervade the performance, both in terms of content and visualisation.

Age: 4+ and adults

Lenght : 40 '

PREMIERE: 08.11. 2013 at 18.OO  MGP (PTUJ)

Vedno te ima nekdo rad SKUPNA

                                     The meadow of magical beauty

                                                       Romana Ercegovič

Co-production: The Travelling House Children's Theatre by the Theatre Ritual Forms Research Studio and Ptuj City Theatre
PREMIERE: October 3, 2008 at Ptuj City Theatre (MGP)
Contents: This production tells the story of a girl who loves to dance, but because she is laughed at and made fun of at nursery school, she is so crushed that she completely loses confidence in herself. Her friend the bear invites her to a magical world where, with the help of fairy tale creatures and her own courage, she uncovers a secret.
The Meadow of Magical Beauty speaks of the values of friendship and nobility of the heart, encouraging a child's creativity and faith in oneself. This pleasant, non-violent play talks about the gifts each of us has hidden inside of us.
Length: 35 minutes
Ages 3+

Directed  by :Iuna Ornik and Romana Ercegovič

Performance: Silvia Viviani and Iuna Ornik
Concept of dolls and  scenography by Iuna Ornik
Technology, set and puppet production by Maja Peterlin
Musical accompaniment and photography by Peter Novljan
Lighting and sound by Daniel Vogrinec
The production was co-financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia


travnik carobne lepote

                                                  Sing, Sing, little birds 

                                            Theatrical Interpretation of the  Slovenian children's folk poems

Producer: The Society of Puppet Creators Ljubljana - Lalanit Theatre
Premiere: January 15, 2011 at the Španski Borci Cultural Center in Ljubljana
The creators have breathed stage quality into these legendary poems, which were chosen years ago by Kristina Brenkova, and bound together these folk miniatures in a story about material insatiability and pride.
Mrakovček Premrakovček finds himself in big trouble after stealing the feather of the mightiest bird around: the Šara bird. It takes revenge by locking his singing birds in a cage and throwing the key into a wide field of buckwheat. The musician, with the help of a magical vehicle, sets off on a journey through this child's folk poem and counting rhyme, in which Anzej Panzej, Tinčica Minčica and other heroes, who help him look for the key, come to life.
Although it depicts a different time and context which many children today no longer know – harvesting the fields, baking bread and fairground antics – the story of the caged birds and the effort to release them endeavours to teach children about something that leads to a real key even today: persistence.

Length: 40 minutes
Ages 3+
Script, dramaturgy, and directing by Nena Močnik
Scenography, dolls and costumes by Maja Peterlin
Music by Andrej Fon
Performed by Iuna Ornik and Andrej Fon
Photography and design by Rada Kikelj
The production was co-financed by the Ministry of Culture

Predstava Pojte pojte drobne ptice

Photo: Rada  Kikelj


                                        The  seamstress and  the  scissors

                                              Dragotin Kette (K. Povše, I. Ornik)

Produced by the Society of Puppet Creators (Društvo lutkovnih ustvarjalcev) and Lalanit Theatre
Preview: House of Children and Art (Hiša otrok in umetnosti), December 29, 2012
PREMIERE February 25, 2012 ŠKUC Gallery
Project co-financed by the City of Ljubljana.

In a castle somewhere, there lives a good seamstress named Bogdanka, who works for a vain countess. Bogdanka's only company is a little bird who gives her a pair of scissors that do the cutting and tailoring all by themselves if only you use the right words. When the countess sees the miraculous scissors, she takes them away from Bogdanka and chases her out of the castle. But... will the countess know the right words?
Length: 35 min.
Ages 3+

Dramatisation by Katja Povše and Iuna Ornik
Directed by Katja Povše
Artistic image by Maja Peterlin
Music by Andrej Žibert
Performance by Iuna Ornik
Puppet production by Maja Peterlin, Zoran Srdić, and Žiga Lebar
Set production by Edi Šimec and Maja Peterlin
Theatre playbill design by Rada Kikelj

sivilja popravljena

Photo:Rada Kikelj


The Giant turnip/LALANIT



Original solo project: Iuna Ornik
The performer-actress/puppeteer/clown-cleverly tells the well- known fairy tale about The Giant Turnip...with a sutcase, a washing-line, pegs and assorted clothing...creating animals, the farmer and( of course) the turnip before your very eyes.
An acting and puppet show which plays with tradtions of commedia dell' arte and classical film noir.
A succesful original project with 200 performances, recipient of an award for animation and an award for acting performance.
Lenght:35 '
Ages: 3 +
Premiere: 02.10. 2000- Small stage /Ljubljana Puppet theatre
PRODUCER: Lalanit theatre, Society of puppet makers
Genuine producer:The Ljubljana puppet theatre
Musician: Joži Šalej
Actor/animator,director, design:Iuna Ornik 
Tehnicians: Luka Stermecki
Children festival-Golden stick 2001- Award for animation and material selection 
11.International children theatre festival Banja Luka 2012- Award for the acting performance  
Lalanit Skupna
                                                                                                     photo: Lojze Sedovnik