MAJA PETERLIN (1972) completed the Faculty of Science and Technology, majoring in textile
and fashion design. Since 1999, she has been employed at the Ljubljana Puppet
Theatre as a puppet maker. Her first original project in costumography was in
the production »Peter Pan« (director: Matjaž Pograjc). Since then she has
participated in more than thirty productions, including several award-winners: »Boys'
Day«, »Woyzeck«, »Perseus«, »Swan
Lake«, etc. She also
cooperates with the Mini Theatre and other puppet theatres around Slovenia,
including two shows for the puppet theatre Uš (»Where Did the Warm Weather Go«
- puppets; »Martin Krpan« – costumes for hand puppets). The production of
Martin Krpan was awarded a prize for animation at the Biennial of the Puppetry
Artists' Institution of Slovenia in Koper in 2007. The puppets were also on
display as part of a presentation of Slovene puppet creators in Brussels. She also
participates as a requisite
maker at children's workshops and exhibitor (with Zoran Srdić and Lidija

ANDREJ FON (1980) completed the lower level of music school for the clarinet and is a
member of the Sežana brass band. He is a guitarist and singer in the band
Strahuljarji, and a saxophonist with Žambo Žoet Workestrao ("In every
respect, every day, we regress less and less"). Currently he is a member
of the band Horda Grdih, which revives old songs from the ethnomusicological archives,
and the improvisational group Kraški Solisti (with last year's debut »Ustanovesreče«).
He has appeared at the Podlaga
Youth Center
in Sežana, the Alkatraz Gallery, Tukad Munga and the organisation Črno Polje in
Beli Kvadrat (The Black Field and the White
Square) in Beltinci. He has acted in productions
of »Electrical Invasion (Električne invazije)« (KUD Ljud), »Marlow« (Dragan
Živadinov), »Sing, Sing, Little Birds (Pojte, pojte drobne ptice)« (Lalanit) and
in the film »The Key (Ključ)« (Jani Kutin). He has received an award for a
short story in a web pen competition. He is the creator of the puppets and set
in the production »Happiness Strictly Prohibited (Veselje Strogo Prepovedano)«
(SKD Celovec - Klagenfurt),
and also leads musical and creative workshops for children.

NENA MOČNIK(1986) received
her degree in culturology and is continuing her post-graduate work in cultural
and religious studies(Faculty of
Social Sciences - FDV, Ljubljana), where she is focusing on the research of
multicultural politics
and socio-political issues of the modern Balkans. Since 2010, she has been a
member of the Sava Working Group, which prepares and carries out projects for
the development of the Balkans. Active in the theatre since 2004 (role of Lena
in the production of Desa Muck's »Totally Seriously Stoned - Blazno Resno Zadeti«,
directing/dramaturgy of the original project »Viže inu griže« from 2006, directing/script of the
original project »Everyone's Different, Everyone's Wrong - Vsi Drugačni, Vsi Napačni«
from 2008), she is currently a co-organiser on the project "Theatre of the
Oppressed", which combines activistic drama techniques and socio-political
themes. She worked on the short international film, »It's Been More Than 60 Years/2010«
(direction and concept). She cooperates with various non-governmental
organisations, primarily in projects opposing xenophobia, racism, nationalism
and other forms of intolerance (Dress smart!, (In)tolerant, Visualization that
Matters, etc.). She writes articles for Mediawatch, Musko and Časopis za Kritiko
Znanosti (Journal of the Critique of Science). She has received two Slovene and
one international award for her essays.


has her
master's in the area of ritualistic theatre. After finishing her studies
in dramaturgy at AGRFT (Academy for Drama, Radio, Film and Television) in Ljubljana, she decided to
pursue an independent path in theatre. She dedicated herself to the research of
the ancient wisdom of various cultures of the world and to discovering new
possibilities for a ritualistic approach to modern theatre. Her desire was to
create productions that would encourage a sense of beauty, magic and sanctity
of living and the healing connection with oneself, one's fellow man and nature.
Her original productions include »Prayers to Earth (Molitev Zemlji)«, »Elektra«,
»The White Buffalo (Bela Bizonka)«, »Mary Magdalene (Marija Magdalena)«
and the children's production »Meadow of Magical Beauty (Travnik Čarobne Lepote)«,
with which, along with co-creator Iuna Ornik, she has been travelling all
around Slovenia
visiting children. She works as a text writer, director, dramaturgist, actress
and puppet animator. Children's literature represents an important part of her
creativity, which in recent years has regularly appeared on the programmes of
Radio Slovenia and Slovene theatres (»Cofek the Penguin - Pingvin Cofek«, »Maruša's
Five Minutes - Marušinih Pet Minut«, »Someone Always Loves You - Vedno Te Ima Nekdo
Rad«, »Meadow of Magical Beauty - Travnik Čarobne Lepote«, dramatisation
of »Maček Murij – Murij the Cat« at the Celje People's Theatre - SLG Celje, etc.).



ANDREJ ŽIBERT - He is very nice- 031 527 978



Bulatović graduated
in 1990 from the French National School of Puppetry (ESNAM) in
Charleville-Mézièresu. At first, she primarily focused on the area of design,
scenography, dramaturgy and semiology. She continued her post-graduate studies
in puppet scenography at AMU in Prague,
during which time she directed at Divadlo Minor. She has been an independent
puppeteer since 1994.  She has been
involved as an animator, designer, director and screenwriter with the Ljubljana
Puppet Theatre and the Maribor Puppet Theatre, as well as with a number of
non-institutional and interdisciplinary productions. Through her puppetry, she approaches themes that deal with the thin line between the real
and the imaginary world, between the concrete and the abstract, between reason
and beyond reason. This is attested to by her original performances, «A Child
and the World (Otrok in svet)«, »Chalk (Kreda)«, »King Alcohol (Kralj Alkohol)«,
»Who Here is Crazy? (Kdo je tuki nor?)«, »Fokus Pokus«, »Simplicissimus«, »The
Enchanted Place (Začaran kraj)«, and »Optical Illusion (Optična prevara)«.

She also participates as a mentor in
different workshops in the School for Street Drama -Šugli (theatrical subjects),
JSLKD (hand puppets, Czech marionettes) and workshops on recycling, stage
voice, primitive manipulation and site-specific scenography.