born March 28, 1971, lives and works in Ljubljana.


                                                                             photo: Rada Kikelj
Following her studies in dramatic acting at the Ljubljana AGRFT (Academy for
Drama, Radio, Film and Television), she did her final diploma work in the
production »The Cannibals of Gregor Strniša« (»Ljudožrci Gregorja Strniše«) in
the role of Majdalenke in 1997, under professors Dušan Mlakar and Kristjan
Muck. After that, she was a member of the SLG Celje for 2 years, then for 8
years she was permanently engaged in the theatrical puppet ensemble of the
Ljubljana Puppet Theatre.

She cooperates in this theatre in supporting roles with acclaimed directors such as
Matjaž Pograjc, Slavko Hren, Jan Zakonjšek, Silvan Omerzu, Barbara Bulatovič,
Saša Jovanovič, Sebastjan Horvat, Jaka Ivanc, and Diego de Brea. She is also
involved in film, radio, television, choreography, advertising, and in recent
years primarily with puppets, where she feels most at home.

In the
2000/01 season she had her first original project in LGL – LALANIT.  LALANIT translates into 5 languages and visits
Croatia, Austria, France,
Poland, Colombia, England,
Italy, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


In the
2006/07  Theatre season she decides to go freelance in her artistic creativity.

She works as an actress-animator, director, storyteller and puppet creator.

She acquires status as a self-employed cultural worker.


In the

2006/07 Theatre Season

VIŽE BITES INA; directed by NENA MOČNIK- Prešeren Theatre Kranj
and KUD Janko KRMELJ - Choreography, tutoring and puppet design

BEFORE-AFTER – Roland SCHIMMelpfennig, directed by Sebastjan
Horvat E.P.I.CENTER and the Old Power Plant- role of Redhead, Grasshopper

A STORY FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE – Street performance at the Ana Mraz
festival; ANA MONRO directed by Barbara Bulatović, role of the ostrich, puppet design.I


In the

2007/08 Theatre Season

EVERYONE'S DIFFERENT – EVERYONE'S WRONG -KUD Kranjski Comedians; production
of two puppets

CITY OF SIGHS-SENZORIUM; original stage concept at the Pentagonal Tower
at Ljubljana Castle with Barbara Bulatović and Katja Povše.

LALANIT in English as guest performers in England at Norwich Puppet Theatre

LALANIT in Italian – guest appearance at the ALPE-ADRIA Puppet Festival in Gorizia


In the

2008/09 Theatre Season

FAIRIES' FAIRYTALES: FRU-FRU Theatre; role of the fire fairy
SIMPLICISSIMUS SIMPL- seven authors- Society of Puppet Creators (Društvo lutkovnih ustvarjalcev) and LGL

Street performance for passers-by, guest appearance at the Ana Mraz Festival

MEADOW OF MAGICAL BEAUTY- Romana ERCEGOVIČ, Travelling House –Theatre
Ritual Forms Research Studio and Ptuj City Theatre
Conceptual basis for the scenography and dolls, assistance in set production, direction,
performancebasis for the scenography and dolls, a

TRAFFIC IS NO JOKE -Iztok Lovrič – Zajec Puppet Theatre;
stand-in in the role of the sister, traffic sign and tires

STORYTELLING FESTIVAL Fairytales Today 2009: Telling of Andersen's fairytales

TAJ ON THE PLANET MUCORAJ - Lea Menard; directed by Lea Menard,
Zofka Society, role of mother, Gaja the cat, creature from the planet Mucoraj


In the

2009/10 Theatre Season

THE SNOW QUEEN- H.C.Andersen, Labirint Theatre, directed by
Saša Jovanovič Stand-in inrole of Gerda
the Competitive performance at the Biennial of the Foundation for Puppet Creators

MAGI KNOR original project- Iuna Ornik- direction, doll production, performance; Society of Puppet Creators (Društvo lutkovnih ustvarjalcev)

MR. CONSTANTINE'S HAT-Peter Svetina, Labirint Theatre, directed
by Saša Jovanovič- role of Mr. Constantine, child, kite


In the

2010/2011 Theatre Season

HAPPINESS STRICTLY PROHIBITED-Simona Habernik, SKD Klagenfurt Puppet
Group Pavliha, directed by Iuna Ornik

WHO'S AFRAID OF FEAR?- Tatjana Kokalj, Jana Kolarič, Zajec
Puppet Theatre, directed by Branka Bezeljak- role of Duck, Tip Tap the snail, little

Founding of Lalanit Theatre

SING, SING, LITTLE BIRDS – Theatrical Interpretation of the
Children's Folk Poem, Lalanit Theatre and the Society of Puppet Creators, directed
by Nena Močnik

Roles: storyteller,Šara bird, Anzej Panzej


 In the

2011/2012 Theatre Season


THE SEAMSTRESS AND THE SCISSORS- Dragotin Kette (Katja Povše, Ornik
Iuna), Lalanit Theatre (DLU) Directed by Katja Povše, solo performance by Iuna Ornik


 In the

2012/2013 Theatre Season

Participation in the 11th International
Festival of Children's Theatre in Banja Luka
with a solo performance of Lalanit (translated into Serbian)

MAHMUD- Bo Larsen, Peter Seligman, Elisabeth Nielsen -Ptuj City Theatre

Directed by Peter Srpčič, role of Maryam Roshan

Guest appearance in Jordan with the performance Mahmud and Ptuj
City Theatre at the International Conference: Artistic Forum for the
Development of Social Issues


Directed by Barbara Hieng Samobor

Two songs- CEPETALO and Depra song


In the

2013/14 Theatre season

SOMEONE ALWAYS LOVES YOU- Romana Ercegović- Ptuj city Theatre/Lalanit theatre/Children theatre"Traveling House"

Directed, performed, songs: Iuna Ornik, Romana Ercegović


In the

2014/15 Theatre season

NINA IN WONDERLAND- Ela Peroci- DLU-Lalanit Theatre and KUD KRICE KRACE - Cooproduction

Idea and performance: Iuna Ornik, Elvis Berljak


In the

2015/16 Theatre season

CIRCUS of REUSE/ BROKEN HEROS - Lalanit Theatre - DLU production

Idea and performance: Jonas Žabkar, Iuna Ornik, Miša Gams, Elvis Berljak


In the

2016/17 Theatre season

LUNA- Iuna Ornik- City Theatre Ptuj and Lalanit theatre- DLU Coproduction

Directed by Barbara Bulatović

role of young girl and Luna


in the

2017/18 Theatre season

UGH ,IT IS A CATERPILLAR! KuDŽebelj and Lalanit theatre  - DLU Coproduction

Idea, direction, performance: Iuna Ornik


in the 

2020/21 Theatre season


WATERMAN- Lalanit Theatre-DLU produkcion with the cooproduktion KUD Žebelj nd Theatre behind the moon

Concept, regie, partly  puppets design and scenography and performing- Iuna Ornik





She is interested in creating and designing her own puppets and scenography as an important starting point for puppet
media. In her original poetics she seeks and finds the most inspiration in the
transformation of the everyday and ordinary into something exceptional and
unusual. She is the mother of two children.



2000/01 Theatre Season

Golden Wand for choice and animation of
material in the original solo performance Lalanit (LGL)

2000/01 Theatre Season

Biennial of the Foundation for Puppet Creators
in Maribor -Award for the role of Doctor in the performance
Woyzeck: directed by Jan Zakonjšek (LGL)


2012/13 Theatre Season

11th International Festival of Children's  
Theatre Banja Luka 2012- Award for performance in the original solo
performance Lalanit (LGL)

2013/14 Theatre Season

25.International puppet festival in Maribor

25 GOLDEN STARS- Award of the children jury

to Lalanit theater performance -The seamstress and the scissors