Lalalamps have been made as an innovative experiment in the 2012/2013 season scenography of the children play SOMEOENE ALWAYS LOVES YOU.

ALL lamps are made of recycled materials, bought or found in flea markets, among discarded materials or in second hand shops.

Instead of fabrics, lampshades are made of chocolade and candy wrappers and when they are lit, beautiful patterns shine throught the transparent foil. Some lamps are also made of canvas and decorated with discarded-old buttons, zips, pearls and threads.

In their fresh outfit they shine as new, each of them unique.

They are following the philosophy of non consumerism and taking care of enviroment.

They motivate people towards re-thinking and an awerness that not everything should be thrown in the waste bin.

The lamps are safe and technically perfect as all the electrical appliances are replaced when needed. Some lamps have cold bulbs, some regular and power saving bulbs.

Prices range between 50,00 to 100,00 EUR, depending on the model, size, vintage and uniqueness.

They can also be made to order, ussing wrappers of personal candy prefrence.

Design: Ornik Iuna

Photo: Peter Novljan


DSC 0074DSC 0087

DSC 0150

DSC 0142DSC 0153

table lamps

                                            DSC 0136

DSC 0137DSC 0098

ceiling lamps


 DSC 0171

tea lamps


DSC 0190

lamps with old lace, and cloth

DSC 0196


Luka detajl

DSC 0020

 lamp from the performance "SOMEONE ALWAYS LOVES YOU"

A2 IMG 0319

 coffee lamp